Company standards vs. criterion task testing (CTT)

Issue 5 and Volume 152.

Company standards vs. criterion task testing (CTT) Reference is made to “Company Standards: An Alternative to Physical Performance Testing” by John Lecuyer (February 1999). I believe the author, like many in the fire service, is trying to improve the health/fitness of the firefighters nationwide in the fairest, most effective way. In the area of fitness testing, I would like to speak in favor of individual CTT, not the company standard testing advocated in the article, for the following reasons: The author`s reasoning is that we work as a company and would never work alone on the fire scene. Therefore, his conclusion that we should test and evaluate as a team (company) is a valid point. However, the point could also be made that we respond as a company and with maps and therefore should be allowed to take district tests in a group while looking at a map. Another example…

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