Issue 6 and Volume 152.

ADAPTING APPARATUS FOR HIGH-WATER RESCUE AND EVACUATION BY WILLIAM HAYDEN Specialized fire apparatus for the fire service has evolved throughout history to adapt to the expanding scope and unique requirements of emergency responders in changing technological and geographical environments. Most times, firefighters and fire service leaders are on the cutting edge of the development of tools, techniques, and innovations to meet these challenges. Members of the Lindenhurst (NY) Fire Department have met such a challenge and overcame a severe impediment to rescue, evacuations, and firefighting capability that had only become wholly evident during an October 1991 coastal storm that struck the south and north shores of Long Island. Lindenhurst is a suburban/urban village that covers 3.8 square miles, has a population of 27,000, is made up of predominantly one- and two-family wood-frame dwellings, and has a modest mercantile and commercial district. The Lindenhurst Fire Department, staffed by 300 volunteers, responds…

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