Structural Firefighting


Issue 7 and Volume 152.

HIGH-RISE/STANDPIPE HOSE PACKS: A PRIMER, part 1 DAVID M. McGrail The Denver Fire Department (DFD), in 1998, implemented a new high-rise firefighting and standpipe equipment package and new methods for assembling, storing, transporting, and stretching the high-rise/standpipe packs. Fire departments across the country have introduced numerous methods for carrying and stretching these hose packs over the past several years. Some have been effective, others were effective in theory only, and others were downright ineffective. A brief overview of the methods used to assemble, store, transport, and stretch the DFD`s new high-rise/standpipe hose pack is given here. The material was presented at the 1999 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) during a two-day, hands-on standpipe training drill as well as in two separate classroom sessions. THE HOSE PACK The collective experience of several members of the DFD and firefighters from departments across the country has yielded some very basic, but important, criteria…

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