Firefighter Training, Truck Company


Issue 7 and Volume 152.

TIPS AND TOOLS FOR TOP-FLOOR FIRES BOB PRESSLER As the truck company ap-proaches the fireground, the firefighters prepare to go to work. Not sure of the exact type of building to which they are responding, they start to assemble the standard tool assignment. Being a four-member company, they know that the type of building will have an impact on their tool assignments. As they pull into the block of the fire building, the officer hits the glass partition between the cab and jump seats, letting the firefighters know that they have a fire. Brennan: Top-Floor Fires The ladder truck pulls up in front of a three-story building of ordinary construction. Heavy smoke obscures the front of the fire building at the top-floor level. The smoke is pushing from around the windows and is already showing through the seams of the cornice. As the firefighters dismount, they quickly review their tool…

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