Issue 8 and Volume 152.

HIGH-RISE/STANDPIPE HOSE PACKS: A PRIMER, part 2 DAVID M. McGrail Part 1 appeared in the July 1999 issue. Stretching is the most important com-ponent associated with the high-rise hose pack. Properly following the preceding steps regarding assembling and storage will make stretching the hose pack much easier and more efficient; rapid stretch of the hose pack is a very important advantage of using this method. The first step in effecting a proper hose pack stretch is beginning the stretch from the proper location, which generally is the floor below the fire floor. However, numerous standpipe-equipped buildings in many jurisdictions are not multistory structures–shopping malls and large warehouses, for example. Ultimately, firefighters must exercise discipline and initiate the hoseline stretch from a safe position where control of the standpipe outlet valve can be maintained. At a Denver high-rise fire, even though a standpipe cabinet/outlet was close to the fire apartment, the…

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