Issue 8 and Volume 152.

RESPONDING TO A PROBLEM FIREFIGHTER BY JOHN M. BUCKMAN You just learned from an angry officer that a firefighter, who happens to be female, has flagrantly violated fire department rules. This isn`t the first time that this firefighter has challenged her officer, who happens to be male. Past breaches haven`t been handled well by the officer; he needs help and is in your office to get it. Word of the infraction has spread past the station and out to other department members who were not involved or present during the incident in question. The firefighters are watching your move and expect some type of action. What do you do? PRIMARY CONSIDERATIONS There are several questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a course of action or maybe even getting involved at all. Determine if there is a real problem or a mere personality conflict. Discuss the incident face-to-face with…

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