Firefighter Training

Training overcomes inactivity

Issue 9 and Volume 152.

Training overcomes inactivity Dennis Vander Wel Assistant Chief Orange City (IA) Fire Department The problems Kelly L. Leydig relates (Letters to the Editor, May 1999) are not new, but the sad truth is that more and more departments face them. The answer is very simple: training. Fire departments that train together will stay together, but it is hard to put this into action. The chief of a smaller volunteer department has to be knowledgeable about firefighting and willing to accept change. He has to be willing to give 110 percent and become one of the firefighters when the department is training, putting on SCBA or crawling through a confined-space exercise. By being one of the firefighters, he may find ideas easier to accept. If other members see the chief participating in the same training as they are, he will gain their confidence and respect. A department that is inactive is…

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