Firefighting, Leadership


Issue 9 and Volume 152.

SHOULD THERE BE A SMOKE CONTROL SECTOR? FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN SFPE (FELLOW) The first photo below shows the “unbelievable” amount of smoke generated by a one-apartment fire in a home for the elderly in Tampa, Florida.1 Home contents are not what they were in past years. A large proportion of the contents of today`s dwellings originated as “black gold” pumped from the earth. In 1975, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers warned that codes were not designed for the increased fire loads. Recently, occupants of a New York City high-rise apartment died on upper floors as they tried to escape from a fire on a lower floor. There have been a number of other such tragedies. This item is an attempt to stir up discussion. I believe the fire service must place far greater emphasis on fire as a toxic gas generator, particularly in high-rise buildings. Should smoke control be…

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