Issue 10 and Volume 152.

INCREASING THE VERSATILITY OF YOUR HOSEBED CRAIG A. HAIGH RICHARD C. MILLS In this day of do more with less, we are confronted with engines that are designed to carry not only the normal complement of engine tools but also equipment to perform EMS, rescue, haz mat, and basic truck work. Booster tank size has also increased because of the reductions in personnel, both career and volunteer. The need to operate fully off one engine without the support of a supply engine or tanker has also increased. To accommodate these needs, vehicles have become larger and heavier and in many cases have reduced overall hosebed size. The sheer height of the hosebeds has been raised, making it common to see beds that are five feet or more above the tailboard. With these design issues, it is becoming harder and harder to effectively perform the “primary” functions of the engine company.…

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