Water-mist systems offer protection for commercial cooking areas

Issue 10 and Volume 152.

Water-mist systems offer protection for commercial cooking areas A recent study by the Institute for Research in Construction (IRC) has found that water-mist fire suppression systems are effective for extinguishing accidental fires in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, and fast-food outlets. According to the IRC, these fires are difficult to extinguish because they burn at a high temperature and reignite easily. In the IRC project, researchers conducted tests in a mock-up restaurant cooking area to determine the effectiveness of three different water-mist systems in suppressing fires in a commercial propane-fired, deep-fat fryer with an overhead hood. The impact of different spray characteristics (discharge pressure, flow rate, spray angle, and droplet size) and nozzle locations was used to measure extinguishing time, fire and liquid oil temperatures, and the amount of water collected by the fryer. The results showed that with continuous heating, the cooking oil (a commercially available vegetable oil) autoignited…

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