Fire EMS

911 systems under attack

Issue 10 and Volume 152.

911 systems under attack Among the obstacles blocking the way of local firefighter unions` attempts to provide quality prehospital emergency medical care are private ambulance providers and health maintenance organizations` (HMOs) efforts to create an alternative to the 911 system, according to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Some 300 attendees at the 5th Biennial IAFF Conference on Emergency Medical Services in the Fire Service, held in May in San Francisco, participated in a discussion of this issue. Local and state IAFF affiliates have been lobbying to thwart the efforts of private ambulance providers and HMOs. Among the information that surfaced during the meeting was the following: •In Missouri, Maryland, Washington, and California, steps have been taken to protect the 911 system from American Medical Pathways and similar systems. Pathways is the telephone patient-routing system developed by private emergency medical provider American Medical Response (AMR) and directed by managed-care…

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