Accountability edicts interfere with company officers options

Issue 10 and Volume 152.

Accountability edicts interfere with company officers` options Peter R. Lucarelli Chief Bellevue (WA) Fire Department Bill Manning`s article “The Accountability System” (Editor`s Opinion, July 1999) was among the best I have ever encountered about accountability. I could not agree more with his observations about the fire service`s “perpetuating the myth that plastic and fasteners can substitute for leadership.” It was the direct lack of leadership and accountability that led to the systems we have today. It is truly a CYA system and, as Manning points out, in many cases will relax the command structure at an incident in terms of knowing what firefighters are doing, where they are located, and–most important of all–what the outcome of what they are doing will be. All this is required to make sure that officers have properly used the plastic, fasteners, and clipboards. This becomes indisputable evidence that they have followed industry standards and…

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