Firefighter Training

Send Us Your Training Tips

Issue 10 and Volume 152.

Send Us Your Training Tips Fire Engineering wants your training tips. We are looking for those “secrets”–the special way of turning a tool, a way to control the nozzle, and so on–that you have learned on the streets. These tips can be as short as one or two sentences or as long as several pages. They probably have been passed down within your department or company rather than having been found in a book. Do not limit your ideas to structural firefighting. We are looking for ideas on all aspects of the fire service–haz mat, vehicle extrication, hose loads, tool selection, firefighter rescue, and just about everything else. Send your ideas, with any accompanying photos or illustrations, to Training Tips, c/o Fire Engineering, Park 80 West, Plaza 2, 7th Floor, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663.

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