Tactical ladder applications on the fireground

Issue 10 and Volume 152.

Tactical ladder applications on the fireground John J. Gelinas Deputy Chief Cambridge (MA) Fire Department The traditional and basic mission of the fire service is to provide protection to life and property against fire. Throughout the centuries, the fire service mission has evolved to include numerous and divergent duties. Today, the protection of the environment can be included, as well as provision of emergency medical care, hazard control, special rescue functions, and public education. The fire service has willingly (and rightly so) taken on these additional responsibilities. In spite of the changes in the fire service mission, the protection of life and property against fire is still basic. The fire service historically has utilized three basic units to provide this fire protection: an attack pump, a water supply pump, and a truck company. Truck company duties are numerous and personnel-intensive. They include forcible entry, ventilation, overhaul, salvage, reconnaissance, control of…

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