Fire Prevention & Protection

Ensuring egress in high-rises

Issue 11 and Volume 152.

Ensuring egress in high-rises Dave Van Holstyn Lieutenant Grand Rapids (MI) Fire Department I enjoyed Captain David M. McGrail`s series on high-rise/standpipe hose packs (Fire Engineering, July and August 1999). The program he and others presented at FDIC 1999 was excellent. It provided attendees with some very valuable insights into an area unfamiliar to many of us. In Part 2 of his series, McGrail refers to the importance of hooking up to the standpipe in a safe area, such as the floor below the fire. He also refers to nonmultistory, large-area buildings such as factories or warehouses, where, he says, the hookup should be “accomplished as close to the fire area as possible while still maintaining a safe enough distance to establish and keep control of the standpipe outlet valve.” This is excellent advice; however, what is often overlooked is what can happen when fireground conditions deteriorate. When the connection…

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