Little Drops of Water: 50 Years Later, Part 1

Issue 2 and Volume 153.

By Andy Fredericks As we approach the new millennium (re-member, the new millennium begins January 1, 2001), a debate still rages over the use of water fog in interior fire attack. This debate has become more lively in recent years because of the proliferation of on-line computer users in the fire service and the ever-expanding role of the internet as a forum in which to present new ideas or support old ones. This article begins with a brief history of the use of fog streams in structure fire attack. I obtained much of this information by studying the original articles, books, and papers written by three men generally considered to be the fathers of fog firefighting in America-Lloyd Layman, Keith Royer, and Floyd W. “Bill” Nelson. Fog Nozzle History Fog nozzles and spray streams have been around for almost 150 years. The first United States patent for a fog nozzle…

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