Dry Hydrants and Static Water Supplies

Issue 2 and Volume 153.

Most rural areas growing in size have to address the critical need of establishing a water source for firefighting efforts, especially if they do not have an adequate municipal water system. Without the comfort of knowing that a pressurized fire hydrant is around the corner or just ahead, fire departments must develop a plan that will enable them to access a reliable water source and transport the water to the fire scene. CONDITIONS AFFECTING WATER SOURCES The following conditions affect the accessibility and reliability of water sources: Excessive drafting height (static lift). Excessive drafting height reduces or prevents an adequate flow rate. The pumper is performing double duty: It is working to discharge water and also to draft water from a given height. The theoretical vertical lift of fire apparatus is 14.7 psi (atmospheric pressure at sea level) divided by .4332 lb./ft. equals 33.2 feet maximum vertical lift. Even though…

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