Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 3 and Volume 153.

BY MICHAEL N. CIAMPO Because of their mobility and versatility, tower ladders play an instrumental role on many firegrounds and at many rescue scenes. When in the proper “work” position, they can perform tasks and functions other units cannot. These operational tactics differ considerably from those involving an aerial ladder. It is important to understand these dissimilarities. Also, the fire service has seen an influx of new tower ladder apparatus. Many departments are adding these units to their inventories to achieve diversity. When adding new tower ladder apparatus, there must be changes in operating procedures. Understanding these tower ladder positioning tactics will help achieve a sound work position and assist in efficient fireground operations. Note: For the purposes of this article, the term tower ladder includes aerial tower/ platforms and ladder tower/platforms. PLACEMENT SIZE-UP When a first-due tower ladder arrives on the fireground, it is usually possible to place it…

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