Fire EMS


Issue 3 and Volume 153.

Roundtable Emergency Medical ServiceS! These three words have changed the face of many “fire” departments across the United States over the past 50 years. Most departments respond to some form of emergency medical services (EMS) runs on a daily basis. Only a handful of departments that make no EMS runs exist today. The Toledo Fire Department (as it was called then) recorded its first EMS runs in the early 1940s. When my father joined the department in 1952, only the “rescue squads” made EMS runs. When he was assigned to #1 Squad in 1955, private ambulances or the police (in paddy wagons) transported the ill or injured to hospitals. In 1954, Toledo responded to 2,723 EMS runs. The fire department collected no money for these “first-aid” runs. When I came on the job in 1975, all engine and squad companies made EMS runs. We responded to just a few more…

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