Issue 3 and Volume 153.

KENNETH O. BURRIS, JR. Since October 1997, when a meeting took place among the United States Fire Administration (USFA) staff to discuss organization concerns relating to core mission issues, things have been happening at the USFA. These things will result in a decidedly changed organization, one that will hopefully be better and more focused on organizational effectiveness for our customers. When the staff first met, many challenges and problems were facing the USFA, and they believed that unless a series of significant steps took place, the organization would increasingly become less effective in advancing the professional development stature of fire/emergency services at a national level. The culmination of this process produced the opportunity for The Blue Ribbon Panel to provide invaluable guidance to the Action Plan Working Group in setting a strategic direction for the USFA. Major facets of this plan address core mission, leadership, communications, and advocacy in developing…

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