Apparatus & Equipment

PRECONNECTS: the basics

Issue 4 and Volume 153.

BY DOUG LEIHBACHER In the not-too-distant past, the perpetual necessity to save time obliged the fire service to invent the preconnected hoseline. It was inevitable. The preconnect belongs to a long succession of common sense, time-saving innovations that include the brass pole, bunker pants with suspenders attached, SCBA brackets, and traffic signal changers. Compared with the traditional static hose loads, which are not connected to any discharge port until stretched, preconnects are a trade-off in which speed and simplicity are favored, with only slight loss to flexibility. (Photos by Anthony Savignano unless otherwise noted.) Click here to enlarge image Where and when the preconnected hoseline was first used is uncertain. However, it seems reasonable to assume that firefighters throughout the country may have independently come up with the same idea as they fumbled to attach a nozzle or coupling while flames were spreading quickly throughout the structure they were attempting…

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