Issue 4 and Volume 153.

BY JIM REGAN AND ANDREW A. FREDERICKS Surprisingly, very little research has been conducted into the development of effective solid fire streams. With fire departments returning to the use of solid stream nozzles in large numbers, we thought it was important to explore various factors that affect the quality of the solid streams produced by handline nozzles and master stream appliances. Although solid stream nozzles are simple to operate and maintain, the importance of producing streams of superior quality should not be taken for granted and will result in safer, more effective performance on the fireground. FREEMAN EXPERIMENTS Effective fire streams are vital to fireground success. With increasing numbers of fire departments rediscovering the many benefits of solid stream nozzles, an understanding of what factors contribute to the development of high-quality solid fire streams is essential. (Photo by Matthew P. Daly.) Click here to enlarge image According to the Fire…

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