Issue 5 and Volume 153.

Preincident intelligence (PII)-commonly known as preincident planning, preincident survey, or risk assessment-is a vital fire department resource. Its objective is to identify hazards and response limitations in your community. Knowing the hazards and types of construction in your protection area determines the type of equipment you will maintain and the areas of training you will emphasize. As remedial as this may sound, many fire departments do not have a comprehensive knowledge of what they are protecting. Click here to enlarge image Ideally, gathering preincident intelligence starts prior to the construction of a new facility or development. From unspoiled land to the finished product, it is important to be involved in the planning, construction, and occupancy processes. By taking an active role in each of these phases, you will be more prepared to effectively direct fireground operations. PII will aid in reducing the unknowns. Unknowns will always be present at incidents…

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