Truck Company

Roof Operations: Listen, Look and Cut

Issue 5 and Volume 153.

Click here to enlarge image In the quest for speed, safety, and efficiency, fire officers must continually review what is referred to as “the basics.” In our day-to-day operations, the basics allow us to operate efficiently, effectively, and safely. Practices and procedures that seem as though they have been around since the beginning of time also must be reviewed to ensure compliance in an ever-changing environment. At a recent multicompany drill, members were reviewing roof-cutting procedures on flat roofs of Class 3 (ordinary) and Class 5 (wood-frame structures). The drill started with the company officers asking some of the newer members the question, “How do you know where to cut your primary ventilation hole?” A number of responses were what some might view as questionable, if not dangerous. A LOOK AT THE RESPONSES Some of the responses given most often included “melting snow,” “steam on a rain-soaked roof deck,” and…

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