Firefighter Training

The Safety Officer’s Perspective

Issue 7 and Volume 153.

BY STEVE WINTERS AND RANDY STEWART The McNichols Sports Arena as it appeared to all arriving companies. Click here to enlarge image It was 0900 hours on February 5, 2000. McNichols Sports Arena (located in Denver, Colorado) lay in ruins, presumably destroyed by some type of explosive device. What was once a venue that seated some 17,000 enthusiastic sports fans now consisted of a heap of twisted metal and concrete rubble. Scattered throughout this jungle of twisted steel and broken concrete slabs lay 35 to 40 potentially viable victims, many of them totally entombed by concrete slabs, some of which weighed several hundred tons. Other victims were only partially buried under loose debris. Still others remained totally unscathed, covered only by a fine layer of dust. The devastation to the structure that was once McNichols Sports Arena is not unlike that seen in two other recent and tragic events-the bombings…

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