They Died For What?

Issue 7 and Volume 153.

Click here to enlarge image BY BILL MANNING “It’s a damn, crying shame.” “They shouldn’t have been in that building.” “They died for what-a couple of vagrants who weren’t even in there?” You don’t hear these statements in public forums. You hear them “on the street”-firefighters whispering in groups of two or three, a comment here or there, in this case about the loss of the six brothers from Worcester. Six months later and it’s still sinking in, hard. Maybe the whispers of doubt flow from remorse. Or from the fear of knowing deep down that such a tragedy could have struck just as swiftly and mercilessly in any other town or city-your town, our town. Or maybe from a stubborn refusal to come to an acceptance that sometimes-too many times-the fire wins. Six of our own down in one fire deeply affects this fire service as a whole. Attitudes…

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