Fire Prevention & Protection

Preconnects: Selecting the Right Hose for the Job

Issue 8 and Volume 153.

BY DOUG LEIHBACHER During the initial moments of a fire re-sponse, the engine company officer must make several speedy decisions that will have a significant effect on the outcome of the firefighting effort. Beginning with the receipt of the alarm, the officer must anticipate the approach patterns of the other responding engines and ladders and decide from which direction to respond into the scene, taking into consideration speed of response and apparatus placement. Next, he must decide which hydrant to select and whether a stretch is warranted. If a stretch from the hydrant is necessary, the apparatus must be positioned where it will be out of the collapse zone and will not interfere with ladder company placement. Once all this is taken care of, it is time to make the most important decision of all: which hoseline to stretch to the fire. Selecting the right hoseline for the job is…

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