Firefighter Training

Creating Affordable Facilities for Haz-Mat Training

Issue 8 and Volume 153.

BY ALAN VEASEY As all haz-mat trainers realize, training above the first responder awareness level requires hands-on training. Effective hands-on training requires facilities that allow trainees to safely develop the skills they may be called on to use in responding to actual emergencies. We are all aware of training programs that provide elaborate, expensive, state-of-the-art field training facilities. Trainers who teach in those programs can count themselves as lucky indeed. In contrast, many of us work for training organizations that lack the finances and space needed to establish elaborate facilities. As an alternative, we can improvise facilities that accommodate budgetary restrictions, overcome limitations on available space for training, and still allow us to conduct effective hands-on training. This article describes improvised facilities used for effective hands-on training by trainers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Center for Labor Education and Research (UAB/CLEAR). ESTABLISHING TRAINING FACILITIES: A STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH Like…

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