Mayday: Are You Prepared If It Happens To You?

Issue 8 and Volume 153.

BY JIM McCORMACK “MAYDAY!” Sooner or later it just might happen to you. Will you be prepared? Consider the following scenario. On arrival, you encounter heavy smoke in a two-story double residence. Your company is assigned to search and rescue. The first-due engine is in the process of making the hydrant and advancing the attack line. The search begins. The house is very cluttered, and it’s difficult to make progress. As you begin to make your way to the second floor, the stairs give way and you find yourself in the basement. Your partner already made the floor and doesn’t realize you’re not right behind him. The engine crew runs into a slight delay, and the fire begins to gain the stairway to the second floor. Any number of situations can lead to a firefighter Mayday. Envision yourself in the above scenario or in another situation in your community that…

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