Issue 8 and Volume 153.

Click here to enlarge image BY BILL MANNING As I drifted off to sleep last night I had a most peculiar dream That fractured fire service groups Behaved more like a team. And men with power ties appeared, In visions clearly drawn, At press briefings, in hearing rooms, At signings on the Lawn. And lo, but ringing in my ears Did earnest voices swell- Weldon and Hoyer, Dodd, DeWine And a prince called Bill Pascrell. “Forward!” cried the Prince, And Weldon winced a bit,But the Godfather found his voice- The momentum was legit. Pascrell’s tenacity caught on, He thundered to enact A bill just for firefighters Called, simply, FIRE Act. In paneled rooms with portraits framed We lobbied and extolled The merits of the FIRE Act-oh, We were strong and bold. We testified, we met in groups Of 20, six, and four, And our effort started bearing fruit, We were…

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