Issue 10 and Volume 153.

By RICK LASKY JOHN J. SALKA, JR.and BOB PRESSLER Since the first days of the American fire service, the fire service has either embraced change or fought it with intensity. Programs, ideas, and innovations have come and gone. New ones have flourished, and old ones have been resurrected. Often, we have stepped back and asked, “Why did we stop doing this?” or “Why did we go away from this in the first place?” One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the fact that we still lose each year an average of about 100 brothers and sisters in the line of duty. Several years ago, we realized we weren’t focusing on firefighter survival training as much as we should have been. Although we were training in all of the different areas within the fire service, we seemed to be neglecting the area of training our firefighters to save one of our…

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