Fire EMS


Issue 11 and Volume 153.

BY KENNETH O. BURRIS, JR. The U.S Fire Administration’s legislative mandate is to work toward making a difference in the fire death and injury rate in the United States. Given this organizational directive, how does emergency medical service (EMS) delivery fit programmatically into the responsibilities of the USFA? That is a difficult question and one that the USFA has struggled with for a number of years. Adhering strictly to the legislation that created the USFA, there is little indication that the USFA should be involved with EMS issues. The Department of Transportation is the federal agency with the authority and funding to address EMS issues. America Burning, the report that led to the creation of the USFA, only mentions EMS briefly. Yet, in the 25 years since the creation of the USFA, EMS has become a major portion of the services delivered by local fire departments. Given that anomaly, the…

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