Truck Company


Issue 11 and Volume 153.

By Tom Brennan We have often discussed the positioning of ladder trucks on the fireground. Yet, it is the subject most commonly raised by those in the field-as recently as last month in Texas and Florida, for example. Here are some opinions I have formulated over the years. Again, remember: If you have more reasons to operate differently than suggested here, you are probably correct! Simple, But Important, Rules. First, I am reiterating a couple of simple rules that are so important that the truck will never be able to get in the most adequate position if they are ignored: The truck should be the first or second piece of apparatus to enter the fire block (street, alley, thoroughfare)-it should not be any farther back. This means that second-arriving engine companies, rescue boxes, ambulances, support vehicles, and anything that cannot duck into an alley or driveway should remain at the…

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