Issue 11 and Volume 153.

BY MICHAEL N. CIAMPO Firefighter ingenuity has always been amazing, especially when considering all of the trades, occupations, and skills levels gathered in one fire station. Just about any problem is solvable, or an operation can be made to run more smoothly or to better advantage. The latter became evident when a fourth type of saw blade was introduced into our tools and appliance inventory. Our present inventory consists of four types of blades: a 12-tooth and 24-tooth carbide tip blade, two types of abrasive discs/blades, an aluminum oxide blade for metal cutting, and a silicon carbide blade for masonry cutting. To take some of the guesswork out of “Is this saw blade serviceable or unserviceable after its use?” we decided to post the answers to these questions in two conspicuous locations. The main reasons for these “quick-reference” areas were that the four saw blades had similarities and dissimilarities and…

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