Issue 11 and Volume 153.

For the next several columns, we will examine key aspects of the proposed NFPA 1710, Standard for the Organization and Deployment of Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Operations and Special Operations to the Public by Career Fire Departments, and NFPA 1720, Standard for Volunteer Fire Service. Both of these proposed standards set minimum guidelines or requirements for fire department organizations and deployment for fire, EMS, and special operations. Section 3-2.3.2 of the proposed 1710 standard deals with first alarm assignments. In my words, the standard calls for the arrival of the entire first alarm complement within eight minutes from the initial receipt of the call. This section requires 13 members on the initial full alarm response, as follows: 1 member-incident commander (IC). 4 members-one attack line (flowing 100 gpm) and one backup line (flowing 200 gpm); each line staffed by two firefighters. 2 members-support for each attack and backup line. 2…

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