Issue 12 and Volume 153.

BY MARK WALLACE AND DR. JOHN DeHAAN Overhaul is the stage at which fire suppression and fire investigation interface. Controlled by the fire suppression forces, overhaul has a huge impact on the ability of any fire investigator to determine the true and accurate origin and cause of a fire. Overhaul involves discovering and extinguishing hidden fires or hot spots that may cause rekindles, which can result in the total destruction of the remainder of a structure. By concurrently conducting at least the initial origin and cause investigation with the final overhaul, determining the fire’s origin and cause can be accomplished effectively. Rekindles expose firefighters to greater dangers because of building instability and unsafe conditions, so rekindle prevention is important. Determining the cause of the fire is equally as important. If the origin and cause are not determined, how will the community know that the situation can be prevented from recurring?…

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