Fire Prevention & Protection


Issue 12 and Volume 153.

Value-driven organizations I just read Mark Wallace’s article “Creating a Value-Driven Organization” (August 2000). Wow, what a refreshing article! A triple AMEN for Wallace’s insight into what powers an organization’s success. I hope everyone makes a serious attempt to understand what he delineates in the article. Value-driven organizations are our only hope for successfully meeting the challenges the fire service faces today. As a fire chief and public sector consultant, I have preached Mission, Vision, and “Core Organizational Values” for more than a decade. In the organizations with which I work, major transformation takes place when the whole organization discovers, delineates, and communicates its core values. Wallace clearly states in the article, “The organization’s common values are desired behaviors that everyone is committed to and will not violate.” I can’t emphasize enough the truth and wisdom in that statement. Most public sector managers don’t understand that they can be strong…

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