Engine Company


Issue 1 and Volume 154.

BY RONALD RAKOSNIK In November 1999, the Lombard (IL) Fire Department responded to a reported fire in a local Mennonite church. The initial response to an incident of this type is two engines; one tower ladder; two medic units; two chief officers; and an automatic-aid engine, truck, and squad. Lieutenant Michael Kalina, of Engine 46, the first-arriving fire company, reported a fire inside the church on the southeast side of the structure. He reported that the engine would be leading out with both sets of skids. One skid consists of 150 feet of 13/4-inch attack lines connected to a gated wye and supplied by a three-inch supply line. Engine 46 crew members then entered the church on the east side, working their way to the pulpit area of the church. There they discovered a small volume of fire consuming a portion of the stage around the pulpit. INVESTIGATION Note the…

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