Firefighter Training


Issue 2 and Volume 154.

BY JERRY TRACY Fires at institutions of higher learning have been claiming the lives of students living in on- and off-campus housing throughout the country for decades, and the number of fire incidents keeps rising.1 Among the factors contributing to the campus fire problem are the following: Death is a distant thought to young adults. It is looked on as something that doesn’t affect a young and vibrant person, unless an accident occurs. And, to their youthful minds, accidents are rare. They are young, they think they’re invincible, and they believe they can control or avert accidents. They take part in fire safety education and drills because they are expected to, not because they feel an emergency might occur and what they are learning may someday save their lives. Young adults often behave as adolescents and do not understand the consequences of their actions, such as sounding false alarms. In…

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