Firefighter Training


Issue 2 and Volume 154.

BY KEN BRENNAN So, you’ve been assigned to deliver an instructional program. Now what? How can you make your presentation most effective? Where do you begin? If the program is to be presented outside your department, you must establish specifics such as the program’s objectives, the curriculum to be followed, the expected number of attendees (for safe and meaningful instruction, it may be necessary to schedule more than one program depending on the number of participants anticipated), and any needed prerequisites (usually protective clothing and SCBA; prior training; insurance coverage; and compliance with local, state, and federal requirements). You can arrive at a better understanding of what will be needed if your initial meeting (or telephone conference) includes, in addition to the host department’s contact individual, several other members of the host department. Firefighters in the field may have a different perspective than the officers. THE CONTRACT The written contract…

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