Issue 2 and Volume 154.

BY WILLIAM SHOULDIS The public safety pledge of reducing responders’ risk was tested once again shortly after 0800 hours on Saturday, May 20, 2000, when the Philadelphia (PA) Fire Department received a report of a fire from a guard at the Eastern American Transport and Warehouse Co., located at 8501 Hegerman Street. As the on-duty division commander, the words announcing a first-alarm assignment for this structure were routine to me. It took 10 alarms and 57 apparatus to control the flames in the building. [Photo by Diane Dus] Click here to enlarge image On arrival of the first unit, it was clear from the fire officer’s words and the tone of his voice in the initial report that this was going to be a campaign fire. Fire was burning through the roof in the center of the large warehouse (see photo 1). Heavy smoke and flames poured from the center…

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