Fire Prevention & Protection, Firefighting


Issue 4 and Volume 154.

BY TOM KIURSKI In a time when fire deaths and injuries continue to plague many communities, firefighters are becoming more involved in presenting fire safety education programs to help educate their citizens and make them aware of their personal risk. This concept is not new, but many fire departments struggle with how to get the citizens to want to know the information the department can provide. Only by recognizing this dilemma can we begin to instill in the community the desire to learn how to become firesafe. Although there are a number of ways to present programs to limited groups, such as in schools, neighborhoods, and businesses, we at Livonia (MI) Fire & Rescue face a challenge in trying to effectively educate and manage the approximately 5,000 people who show up for one of our two annual Open House events. Our answer is “Divide and Conquer.” Though the terminology seems…

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