Firefighter Training


Issue 5 and Volume 154.

BY KENNETH O. BURRIS, JR. Several of the more significant challenges that the fire and emergency services face on their journey to professionalism have to do with the delivery of education (the things you know) and training (the things you do). Each of you has access to some form of education and training. In some places, there is a local academy. In each state there is a state fire training system (SFTS). The United States Fire Administration’s (USFA) National Fire Academy (NFA) works in cooperation with the SFTS to deliver its products and services to you. Equally, all of you have access to education-community and four-year colleges or the NFA Degrees at a Distance Program. But some issues remain unresolved; there are questions that need answers. We aren’t there yet. Over the past two years, the NFA has been working with the SFTSs to try to identify solutions to some…

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