Issue 7 and Volume 154.

We get complacent! “We can get in and knock it down real quick!” “Staffing is low!” “We spend all our time drilling on EMS and not on fires!” All of the above are great excuses-and they’re just that, excuses! We are doing too much with too little and then stand back waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” (The other shoe will be another firefighter badly burned-or worse.) If you haven’t figured it out yet, I just vented, rationalized (very poorly, I might add), and again fooled myself about current fireground tactics and safety (Yes! Those two words can be lumped together in the same sentence!) In many departments, including mine, throwing ground ladders strictly for a secondary means of egress at working fires is an afterthought, if it is thought of at all. I can still remember crawling around the second floor of a house and breathing a sigh…

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