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NFPA to use FEMA grant funds to train firefighters in &#34Risk Watch&#34 (r)

Quincy, MA — The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will apply the $500,000 grant it recently received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency/U.S. Fire Administration to train fire service representatives from 100 U.S. communities to implement Risk Watch(r) in their local schools.

Risk Watch(r) provides curricula for preschool through grades 8 levels in the form of age-appropriate teaching modules and interactive lesson plans on topics such as fire and burns, choking, strangulation, and drowning are covered. The program is implemented in local schools by “Champions”–a coalition of community safety advocates, including members of the fire service–and has been implemented in 17 states.

Under the expansion to be funded by the grant, experienced Risk Watch(r) fire service Champions will serve as mentors for fire service representatives from neighboring communities interested in implementing the program in their local school systems. The grant funding will cover the costs of materials, training, and technical support and also teacher modules for more than 2,100 classrooms.

Most of the training of the new “Champion” teams will take place in Dallas this November at NFPA’s Fall Education Conference. The NFPA will provide ongoing technical assistance to the new teams for a year.

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