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Orlando Firefighter With Hepatitis C Charges City Withheld Medical Information for Years

Orlando, FL – A. C. Walker, brother of the chief of the Orlando (FL) Fire Department has joined 29 other retired and current city employees in their lawsuit against the city of Orlando charging that the city covered up their medical problems to save money. Walker, who retired from the department, has hepatitis C and claims that the city’s medical clinic detected symptoms of the disease 23 years ago but never told him. Evidently, old medical records show that Walker had high liver enzymes, an indicator of the disease, as early as 1978.

The city maintains that there was no cover-up but acknowledged that some firefighters may not have been told about their problems.

In another recent action, the widow of an Orlando firefighter joined the class action suit, alleging that her husband, who died of a heart attack, was never told of abnormal EKGs, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol years before his heart attack. For complete coverage of this story, visit