Protecting exposures

Issue 9 and Volume 154.

BY BILL GUSTIN Protecting exposures is second only to rescue in firefighting priorities. Ideally, the best way to protect ex-posures is to put the fire out be-fore it can spread to adjacent structures. This, however, may not be possible when the fire has already spread to exposures or when there’s more fire than firefighting resources. Rural and suburban fire departments face this problem when they arrive on a rapidly spreading fire with insufficient personnel and not a hydrant is in sight. SIZE-UP FOR EXPOSURE PROTECTION The key to effective exposure protection is an ongoing size-up that accurately assesses fire suppression resources against the potential for fire to spread and the threat it poses to life and property. A size-up is extremely important when more than one exposure is threatened and fire officers must prioritize which one to protect first. An accurate size-up is also essential in choosing the most appropriate…

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