Ladder bail

Issue 9 and Volume 154.

Reading Tom Brennan’s response to the Roundtable question on ladder bail out in the March issue was deja vu. Thanks-someone does know what is happening out there. Finally, after much written debate, Brennan captures what happens in real life when things quickly go bad in an interior fire. I never understood what the hoopla was all about; there were actually two sides debating the validity of the headfirst ladder bail. If you have been there, you know a bail is needed, so why not train for it? Brennan states: “The thing to keep in mind here is, this is the way it is in the real world. The firefighter will do this to avoid pain.” This is exactly what happened to my partner and me some years ago. We were doing a primary search, made it to the victim (who was dead), and felt flashover fast approaching as our SCBA…

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