Issue 10 and Volume 154.

“These men are the keystones of the fire department. It gives you a proud feeling to be among them.” Jim Ellson, FDNY Click here to enlarge image Donald Burns, FDNY’s citywide chief/staff chief and the most senior staff chief, is probably the most knowledgeable and is one of the most talented of all the chiefs. He knows all the firefighters, officers, and companies in FDNY. He does his homework and puts his heart into the fire department. He is totally devoted to the department and to his family.Chief Burns worked his way up through the ranks. As a captain in research and development, he pushed people to attend the Fire Department Instructors Conference 20 to 25 years ago. He is always looking for new tools, new ideas. As a deputy chief, he worked in headquarters more than 20 years. When the department is at a chaotic site, he really gets…

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