Fire Prevention & Protection


Issue 10 and Volume 154.

BY ADAM K. THIEL AND KATHERINE IVEY THIEL All across the United States, in cities large and small, so-called “Tech Hotels”1 are springing up to support the continued Internet, wireless, and telecommunications booms. New buildings are being constructed and existing ones renovated to house the vast arrays of switches, routers, servers, cables, and other hardware required to send and receive data through cyberspace. These data centers are called “Tech Hotels,” since, customarily, the space is rented to occupants on a short- to long-term basis. A vital part of the growing E-commerce infrastructure, they present significant challenges to fire departments that protect them. Some important firefighting considerations for this type of occupancy are outlined below, as are practical suggestions for safe operations within them. Of course, nothing can replace early identification and preplanning of such facilities located in your community. Photo 1 Click here to enlarge image BUILDING DESIGNData centers are…

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